Create your first Admin panel

Soon as you log in you will be able to create a new Admin Panel.

On your dashboard you will see option for creating new Admin Panel. Click on Create button.

After clicking on Create button it will appear Google Popup for choosing account.

Choose the same account you use for creating firebase project.

Now you are able to start creating your first Admin panel.

On the screen will appear form with several required field you need to fill.

Starter Template

If you want to create simple Starter admin template you will need to fill the fields below.

  1. Firebase Project In the firebase project dropdown will appear your project you've created before. Select that project.

  2. Panel Name Write here the name for your Admin panel.

  3. Web Api Key Open your firebase project again and click on Project settings menu.

Copy Web Api Key and paste it in the form.

After filling this fields now click on button Add new.

Uploaded Template

If you want to create on of the available admin template you will need to fill the same fields as starter template and additionally you will need to select the switch button for Advanced options.

After switching the button you will appear place for uploading one of the available templates.

You can simply drop the file here or you can click to upload the template for your directory.

Choose on of the available templates.

Finally click on the button Add new.