Set up your computer


In order to make iPhone app you will need

  1. Mac Computer ( If you don't have one, you can use Mac in Cloud or let us Make your app )

  2. iOS Developer Account ( 99$ / Year )

  3. xCode - Latest stable version - at the moment 11.5 - ( app will not work in older version ) **

If you don't have a mac computer, you can try Microsoft App Centar.

In order to make Android app you will need

  1. Windows, Linux or Mac computer

Environment Setup - Set up your computer

This is React Native project.

To set up your computer/environment follow the Environment setup guide by React Native.

There, select the React Native CLI QuickStart ( Since this is ejected Expo Project ).

It is recommended to run some test app, from the guides to confirm the environment works ok. You will need to connect Android Device or run Android emulator. It is highly recommended to confirm that your environment is all set up correctly.

This is our environment setup, that we do work in

Operating System: macOS BigSut
xCode Version: 12.3
Node Version: v4.15.1
NPM Version: 6.14.8
Android Studio Version: 3.6.1