Setup the project
To define it as your own project
Download the Client app source code from CodeCanyon and extract it. Open the source code in your favorite text/code editor. We suggest Visual Studio Code.
There you will find the file config.js
Replace the values with your real values, like the ULR link, desired currency. You should have the same values as in your .env file in FoodTiger web.

The things you need to change

exports.domain - with your real domain ending in /api/v2 example.
"exports.domain = "";
exports.LOGO=""; -- Link to your logo/icon ( 1024 x 1024 )
IMPORTANT -- THIS NEEDS TO BE .PNG image. If you use JPEG the process will resut in error.
If not vendor app. The same GOOGLE_API_KEY should be put in android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml You can use the same GOOGLE_API_KEY as in your web project.
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