Driver Companion App

Getting started

This is React Native + Expo Application. Read the getting started guide in expo, and run a local example to confirm your environment is ok.

Download the Drive app source code from CodeCanyon and extract it.

Open the source code in you favorite text/code editor. We suggest Visual Studio Code.

Setup app.json

By now you should have your foodtiger site to be up and running.

Open app.json file. Here change everything that relates as demo data.

Change this with your Site link. And change the currency.

"server": "",

Change the images, logo, splash etc..

All the images are in assets folder

Install node modules and needed tools

From the command line, execute this

npm install expo-cli --global
npm install
expo start


To deploy to google play and app store, follow this guide.


If you have any problem you can chat with us here


Preview in browser U: [email protected] P: secret