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As we mentioned in the previous article after adding new section you will need to update the Google Spreadsheet template.

For now this is manual process but in future it will be fully automated.

By default every template you will choose will have two sheets:

  • Sections

  • Categories

and there will be at least one default section and categories just for example.

For example we will take the News template.


Every Sections sheet have two default columns:

  • Section Name (Here goes the name of every Section sheet)

  • TabOrder (Here goes the number of tab of every Section sheet)

In our example News is the default section and here in the picture below you will see values for Section Name and TabOrder added in Sections sheet.


Every Categories sheet have some default columns:

  • Category Name (Here goes the category name)

  • Section (Dropdown menu where you can choose the sections)

  • Description (Here goes the description of the category)

  • Image Link (Here goes of the link of the image)

  • Image Display (Here will be displayed image link)

  • Collection Name (default value)

In the picture below you will see some default categories for News template.

Default Sections

We added at least one section in every template as you can see the default columns values in Sections based on the template.

Now we will see the default columns values for News section.

Every Section sheet have some default columns:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Image Link

  • Image Display

  • Category

  • Section

  • Collection Reference

  • Collection Key


  • collection-photos

  • object-options

  • collection-variants

Add New Section

If you want to add another section you will need to create new Sheet and get the default column values from our default Section.

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