Run local

Install in MAMP, WAMP, XAMMP

You can easily install the project locally if you use MAMP, WAMP (Window only) or XAMMP.

In this example / guide, we will use MAMP, but should be similar in the other tools.

Step 1 - Setup MAMP

First, extract the zip that contains the project source code, that you download from CodeCanyon.

Next install MAMP on you computer.

You will be presented with screen like this one.

Make sure PHP version is 8.1+

Then click on preferences

Go in the server tab, and in the "Document root" choose the folder where you extracted the code.

Click OK.

MAMP is now set up.

Click on start button and then on WebStart button.

Step 2 - Database creation

You will be presented with a page like this one.

Step 3 - Install

There are two other screens, that you can click on "Next step"

After that install is done

You can visit the landing page. or the login page

Run local - Docker way

From Laravel 8, there is a new package available called

We use this to run the site locally and test it.

Step 1 - Install Docker

All you need is to install on your computer.

After that extract the code and open it in the Terminal / Command prompt

./vendor/bin/sail up

The first time you run this can take some time

Step 2 - Install via CMD

After sail is running, open a new terminal window and navigate to the project.


sail artisan migrate --fresh --seed

This will set up ( seed ) the database.

Then execute / run

cd storage
touch installed

This should create an empty file in storage folder, to let the system know that the project is installed. Then open the site on localhost.

You should see the site now

Login with the default credentials


Password: secret

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