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Custom Fields on Order

Since v2.2.1 you can add custom-defined fields to the order form.

Setting up the custom fields

The custom fields can be entered if you login as admin and then go to Site Setting. There go to the "Setup" tab and on the bottom, you will see the "Custom fields" section.
The custom fields are defined using JSON syntax. So make sure you have a valid JSON string.
Here is an example of custom fields. You can use this tool to create the JSON.
"title": "Customer phone numner",
"key": "customer_phone_number",
"ftype": "input",
"type": "phone",
"placeholder": "Enter your phone"
"title": "Customer email",
"key": "customer_email",
"ftype": "input",
"type": "email",
"value": "[email protected]"
"title": "Country",
"key": "customer_country",
"ftype": "select",
"data": {
"macedonia": "Macedonia",
"usa": "United States of America"
"title": "is this a gift",
"key": "send_as_gift",
"ftype": "bool",
"value": true
"title": "Custom note",
"key": "custom_note",
"ftype": "textarea"
In the example above, this will output 5 form fields in the order tab.
Custom Fields
Here is an explanation of the different fields use
Field key
Title - label on the fields
The unique identifier - use lowercase no space and no special characters
input, select, bool, textarea
When ftype is an input you can define input types
Placeholder for input
Predefined value
Used only in ftype=select. List of option for the select

Translation of the custom fields

You should add translation keys for these custom fields keys inside the translation menu. Add them to the "custom" group as shown on the image.
Add new language