Pricing Plans

Subscription processors

At the moment we have 2 subscription processors. Stripe and

You can manage the settings for them if you login as admin and then to got Settings-> Finances.


Just create an account in stripe and fill your stripe credentials in Settings-> Finances.

One common mistake is to use plan_id instead of price_id. So you should use the price_id from Stripe. As you can see in the image.


QR Menu maker uses as payment process. It is supper easy to setup.

Go in and define your pricing plans.

As admin, when you create the plan, you will have the option to set Paddle Plan id.

In Paddle Developer - WebHooks set the following web-hook to receive subscription notification

You will also need to add paddleVendorID in .env file. You can use the .env editor to achieve this. paddleVendorID can be found in your Paddle Developer Tools -> Authentication.


Payment currency

QR Menu Maker supports many currencies. By default is set to usd currency but you can change into one of the available currencies. You can manage the currencies in Setting -> Localization.

CASHIER_CURRENCY="usd" //usd,eur etc.