Food Tiger
How to get started with FoodTiger?


Welcome to FoodTiger's Documentation. FoodTiger is powerful PHP online food ordering system for restaurants/food-zones with rich features based on Laravel. It comes with creative addition of ultimate design and outstanding functionality.


  • Admin dashboards and statistics Admin panel comes with a powerful system to manage the configuration and content. It offers a lot of options and many features.
  • Multi roles and permission FoodTiger provides role based access control (RBAC) with which you can grant access permissions based on the roles of individual users.
  • Payment gateways At this moment FoodTiger comes with two methods to make payments: Pay on delivery, Pay via Stripe.
  • Multilingual support By default it comes with several languages. In few easy steps you can add custom languages to the script.
  • Real time GPS based delivery charges system We provide real-time visibility as orders flow from purchase through fulfillment. Get a quick view into orders in process by order value, status, or customer.
  • Social media authentication FoodTiger provides easy way to register via Facebook, Google logins
  • Advance reporting Get detailed excel output for given period. Manage your business like PRO.
Next you will learn how to install and use this project.
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