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Google authentication

How to enable Google login
Create new project or select one if you already create one.
Next open Library from the left menu.
Find Google+ API and click on that.
Enable Google+ API.
Now after you enable the API from the left menu click QAuth consent screen and select External.
Next fill the following information connected with your domain project and click Save.
Now open Credentials from left menu, click Create Credentials and select QAuth client ID.
Select Web application and fill the information for your project domain.
NOTE: Your domain need to be the same as the previous in the QAuth consent screen.
Also the redirect route need to be the same as it is define in the picture.
If you have some problems with authorizing your domain please open authorized domains list and add your domain.
Click Create and copy the given credentials in the .env file.
GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID="" //Used for google login
GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET="" //Used for go0gle login
GOOGLE_REDIRECT="" //Used for google login