Food Tiger


At this moment FoodTiger comes with two methods to make payments: Pay cash on delivery, Pay via Stripe. To enable or disable this methods there are several variables that you will need to configure.
By default the two methods are set to false and to enable you need to change them to true. - Cash on Delivery HIDE_CODE change from false to true if you want to enable it.
HIDE_COD=false //Hide or Show Cash on Delivery payment
- Stripe Gateway

Default payment method

You can choose which payment method to be set by default. Choose one of the aliases.
cod - Cash on delivery
stripe - Stripe gateway
DEFAULT_PAYMENT="cod" //Default payment method - Cash On Delivery default cod|stripe

Payment currency

FoodTiger supports many currencies. By default is set to usd currency but you can change into one of the available currencies.
CASHIER_CURRENCY="usd" //usd,eur etc.