Food Tiger

Stripe Gateway

Setup Stripe account information

FoodTiger supports Stripe gateway for payments. To setup the gateway follow these steps.
By default this method is set to false and to enable you need to change it to true.
Now visit Stripe official site. Create new account or login with existing one.
From the left menu choose Developers and select API keys under that.
In the standard keys find your Publishable key and Secret key.
Now copy them and paste in your .env file.
STRIPE_KEY="" //Stripe API key
STRIPE_SECRET="" //Stripe API Secret
If you want to use Stripe payment you can leave it blank this variables.

Stripe iDeal payments

For now we don't have integrate option for Stripe iDeal payment so for now this option is set to false.
ENABLE_STRIPE_IDEAL=false //Should we have stripe ideal payment