Cloud vs Self Hosted

Why we offer CLOUD React App Builder Although React App Builder has documentation for installation and it is pretty straightforward, sometimes just maintaining and updating the project / server is difficult and time consuming. Then when they have an iOS app to make, they will need to make it manually and spent time on it. Not to mention that MAC computer is required.

We wanted to offer our clients fully managed service, where their only job will be to market their project and earn money from it.

With Cloud React App Builder you get your instance up and running in 1 business day. Each update to our code is automatically published on the client instance too. No worries for additional server or database costs. No worries for making apps, we handle everything.

Diagram ( See how cloud and self hosted works )


Self Hosted



140$ - Onetime

140$ - Onetime + 49$ / month

Number of Apps



Time to Setup

4-5 Hours

2 min

Who makes the apps

You on your computer

We do them

Mac needed for iPhone Apps



Automated Android App Make


Yes, We handle it

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