React App Builder


Can I install on Shared hosting.

Yes, you can host this solution on any shared hosting. At the end the website for the builder is simple HTML file.

Can I create SaaS platform, where my clients will register and pay.

Yes, if you obtain Extended License. You can make SaaS platform where you clients can make apps and pay for them.

What can I do with Regular vs Extended license

Regular License
Extended License
You are able to create unlimited number of apps, for you or your clients.
Your clients will register, make app and pay to you via PayPal, card or wire transfer.
You are not able to offer this project as SaaS platform.
Offer this platform as SaaS solution.
There is only one user in the platform.
Multiple users can register and maker apps.

Can I make iPhone Apps

Yes if you have MAC computer. But there is solution for that also