React App Builder

Paddle Account

This step is only required if you plan to sell subscriptoins
We use to create easy and secure payment options for your clients.
It is the world's leading solution for subscription payments. But paddle will do so much more for you.
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    Subscription payments
  2. 2.
    Automatic failed payments attempts
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    Promotion / Coupons
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We like it a lot, so probably you will too.

Create a Paddle account and Subscription plan.

Create free account
Then, create your first subscription plan
Create all the plans you plan to offer.
Take note, of all the plans Checkout IDs. We will need them later.
Also, find out your Vendor ID. We will need in the next step.
After you have made the pricing plan, you can continue to deploy the SaaS react app builder online.

One time payments

If you want to offer one-time payments, then you need to create a Catalogue -> Products.
Same as a subscription, products have Product id
ex. Checkout Product ID: 570441