v 13.3.0 - 21 April 2020

  • App Producer on VPS fix

v 13.2.0 - 27 March 2020

  • Fix Builder: Send email to cloud only if cloud

  • Fix App: App Producer fix

v 13.1.0 - 11 March 2020

  • Fix: Bug fix for gifted chat on win os

  • Improvement: Square image accept only for image

v13.0.0 - 10 March 2020

  • Improvement: New app redesign based on Galio and Material Design RN Framework

  • Improvement: Super simple install on Netlify

  • Improvement: Simpler local setup

  • Removed: Firebase Cloud Functions

  • Added: Netlify Lambda functions

  • Removed: PayPal payments - will be added soon

  • Improvement: Easier and simple app coloring

  • Added: Direct email sending to admin

  • Removed: Automated android app production on PC

To update from previous release just follow the docs. If you already have access to our source code, make new pull. You can continue use your existing Firebase Database

Follow the link bellow, to see old change log.