React App Builder

Can't log in, stays on the login screen

Possible problem #1

On the login screen, you get this warning
FIREBASE WARNING: Firebase error. Please ensure that you spelled the name of your Firebase correctly

Cause #1

Firebase recently changed the structure for the domain for new databases. Thus, changing the previous location of the database from to and that is why, the login works, but the use of the real-time database returns not found.

Solution #1

We have released fixed code on CodeCanyon, and also published the changes on our GitLab Repository.
The only changes are in the file Builder/src/config/firebase_config.js
In the environment preferences in Netlify you need to add
Possible Problem #2
After you have entered your email/pass, you are not redirected to the admin backend.In the console, you receive this if you try to register a new user.
Cause #2
Your Firebase Database permissions are not correctly set up.
Solution #2
Change your Real-time Database rules
Suggested permissions are described in step Create a real-time database