Install the WEB PLATFORM

Netlify offer continues deployment for our Web Platfrom - For free.

Video Guide

The video uses github - now we use gitlab. But steps are similar. Follow the written docs.

Make Firebase and Paddle Account

Become our collaborator on GitLab

By becoming our collaborator, you will always have access to the latest code. Send us your GitLab username and purchase code.
Then we will add you as collaborator on our repository.
Fork it.
Then you will have your own clone of the App Builder site.
If you don't want to wait for us to give you access, you can create new private repository with the code you downloaded from Code Canyon (Builder Folder). But this way you lose the opportunity to sync with our source code when we release new version.

Publish on Netlify

Click on the button "New GIT Site"
Then select GitLab and connect with your account where you have forked the repository.
For Build command enter: unset CI && node fillenv.js && npm run build:cloud
Environment variables
  • NODE_VERSION - 12.22.7
  • REACT_APP_appName - Your Project name
  • REACT_APP_isSaaS - true
  • REACT_APP_adminEmail - Your desired admin email
  • REACT_APP_purchaseCode - Your CodeCanyon purchase code
  • REACT_APP_databasePrefix - New Firebase DB have -default-rtdb prefix
Firebase have made changes in their firebase database link structure. So new databases are operating under In that case, you need to deine new variable
  • REACT_APP_databasePrefix
  • REACT_APP_apiKey - Firebase Api Key ( from )
  • REACT_APP_appId - Firebase App ID ( from
  • REACT_APP_projectId - Firebase Project ID ( from )
  • REACT_APP_privateKey - Private key ( from service account json )
  • REACT_APP_serviceAccount . - client_email ( from service account json )
Now on Netlify, click on "Deploy new site".
In you project, register with the admin email you have provided.

Configure React App Builder

Point domain to Netlify
Paddle Webhook
Pricing options
Now you site is up and running. But it is running on a subdomain from Netlify.
And you would want to have it under your domain. ex.
NOTE: If you use Cloud Version - we will email you instructions.
This is supper easy.
  1. 1.
    Go in Domain Settings
2. Add custom domain
3. Receive DNS info. Enter the required DNS changes in your cPanel, Domain Register or DNS provider.
In your Paddle, go in Developers Tools - > Alerts/Week hooks Paste the Url to receive web hooks https://YOUR_DOMAIN/.netlify/functions/paddle
You can also enter your email, to be notified. Select all Subscription events to be notified for.
Set up pricing by clicking on your Avatar -> Pricing.
Your Builder Site is Active now. You can accept new customers now.
Local ( On your computer ): Makes iPhone apps ( Mac Only ) and Android Apps (MAC or Windows) )

Update to latest repository code.

With GitLab we can configure automatic code syn so your fork always has the latest code automatically. To do that.
Send us
  1. 1.
    GitLab Username
  2. 2.
    Forked project link
  3. 3.
    Access token with api access
And your code and instance on Netlify will be always up to date. No manual action needed.